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Coach, Counsellor, Mentor & Consultant

I am Lucas Fagundes, personal and systemic transformation coach, reality creator and activist on the mission of raising human consciousness and systems that shape the future.

My adventurous and curious spirit led me to obtain a transdisciplinary, intercultural and entrepreneurial background through studies, works, researches and trips in more than 20 countries.

Today I live in and for Coaching and I channel all my knowledge and experiences to help people like you get to know yourself better, overcome your limits, find your way, achieve your goals, promote inner and outer healing, and reinvent & optimize your endeavors.

Success and Happiness!


Background and Certificates

  • Master Health Coach, Health Coaching International Institute (Gladia Bernardi)

  • Master Behavioral Analyst Coach, Findline Line Coaching (Clailton Luis)

  • Educational Coach, Line Coaching (Clailton Luis)

  • Soul Essence Coach, Soul Vibrations Canada (Bonnie Bogner)

  • Aboriginal Coach, Coaching Association of Canada

  • Practitioner in Informational Quantum Homeostasis (Sérgio Ceccato)

  • Practitioner in Angelic Awakening & DNA Activation, Soul Vibrations Canada (Bonnie Bogner)

  • Practitioner in Quantum Healing (Rodrigo Romo)

  • Practitioner in Bioressonance

  • Practitioner in Community-Based Social Marketing, McKenzie-Mohr, Chicago US

  • Practitioner in Transition, Transition Network

  • Social Entrepreneurship Program, Artemisia

  • NextUp Leadership Canada Program

  • Mindfulness (Spirit Rock Center Instructors, California US)

  • Manufacturing Engineer, Unicamp

  • Master of Environmental Engineering, University of Regina, Canada


Life Purpose

"To promote personal and systemic transformation, connecting science and inner power, and inspiring change agents to create new realities of healing, prosperity and abundance, with respect to diversity and unity."


Personal Values

  • Integrity

  • Equanimity

  • Responsibility

  • Compassion

  • Wisdom