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Coaching Services


Health Coaching

Integrated Systemic Health

This program aims to promote the harmonization and alignment of client's health in its 4 levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A comprehensive range of techniques, including Emotional Freedom Technique, HeartMath Quick Coherance, Bioressonance, Trophotherapy and Frequency Remedies, combined with Life Coaching tools make this program ideal for you who are seeking self-knowledge, quality of life, changes in habits and beliefs and empowerment.

Educational Coaching

Educational Adequacy

The Educational Coaching program is aimed at both young people and students, elementary to the university, as well as parents, teachers and administrators of schools and universities, and includes: Self-knowledge; Career Orientation; Development of Socioemotional Competences; Behavioral Educational Profile; Learning Adequacy. Ideal to adapt education to the needs of 21st century professionals.

Integrated Life Coaching

Personalized Program

What are you looking for at this moment in your life? What are your needs? As its name says, in this program I integrate different coaching tools in a personalized way to meet your needs. If you seek self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-esteem, conflict resolution, masking dissolution, empowerment, transition, and life planning ... this is your place!

Single Coaching Sessions

For those of you who want timely, fast and economical service, schedule a one-off session.


Behavior Profile Analysis

Based on the DISC methodology, the Findline software is currently the most advanced and accurate in the world today. Through it, I issue a 23-page report detailing your characteristics, talents and skills, followed by a devolution session, where we discuss and delve into strategic points for self-knowledge and empowerment.

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