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Educational Consulting


Faced with the challenges of the 21st century, professionals and corporations are under pressure for competitiveness, continuous improvement and innovation. The educational system and the means of learning form the basis of these challenges, but they are often neglected. This consulting program aims to help educational institutions to innovate their educational methods and to train culturally, globally and emotionally intelligent professionals, adhering to the new education requisites.

Coaching Consulting


This corporate consulting program is based on Business Coaching and Behavioral Analysis, and is aimed at companies that need improvement and optimization in the organizational climate, marketing strategies and socio-environmental responsibility, and in management systems, in order to be competitive and sustainable in the globalized market.

Development Project Consulting


This consulting program aims to guide the planning and management of socio-environmental development projects. The SCDF - Smart Community Development Framework methodology, which I developed during my Masters in Canada and validated in Africa, is used as the basis. It unites several tools and techniques of socio-environmental diagnosis, social technology development, project management and social marketing, aiming at the empowerment of communities and increasing the coefficient of local happiness.


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