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Self-Knowledge: The Key to Success and Happiness

Discover how to integrate the four intelligences of the human being - Physical Intelligence (QP), Mental Intelligence (QI), Emotional Intelligence (QE) and Spiritual Intelligence (QS) - can promote self-knowledge, raise your personal power, leverage your success , and increase your Happiness Coefficient (QH). Dive with me on this journey of transforming consciousness and discover that the only real barrier in your life is yourself. Experience the extraordinary!

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The 6 Work Pilars


Coaching is a methodological process that mixes and uses several disciplines, techniques and tools to bring about improvements in the client's life through the expansion of awareness and the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The ultimate goal of any coaching process is to change behaviors, improve quality of life and relationships, increase performance and, especially, self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, evaluate and deal with one's own feelings and someone else's feelings. The QE has 5 pillars: Knowing your own emotions; Controlling emotions; Self motivation; Empathy; and Interpersonal Relationship. It is known today that people are hired by their curriculum but dismissed for their behavior, therefore, the development of the emotional quotient (EQ) is necessary and essential.

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence is the ability to find, manifest, and be guided by a higher life purpose, by a system of ethical and moral values and beliefs, and by a creative, innovative, and natural human intuitive capacity. Raising the spiritual quotient (SQ) is key to guiding assertive decision-making and finding completeness in life.

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Physical Intelligence

Physical Intelligence is the ability to understand your body, its limitations and its potentialities, as well as optimize motor function and physical health through proper nutrition, exercise and rest appropriate to your biotype and internal resources. Increasing your physical quotient (PQ) allows better performance in daily functions and promotes energy, vitality and longevity.

Mental Intelligence

Mental Intelligence refers to the cognitive performance of the human being, and it is linked to both ongoing study and training as well as the ability to perform tasks. Exercising and optimizing cognitive functions through accessing new information and neuroscience practices are fuels for success and for understanding and controlling one's own reality.

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Transdisciplinarity and Interculturality

Transdisciplinarity is the knowledge, integration and use of the several disciplines to which it crosses and surpasses them, while interculturality refers to the expression, interaction and dialogue of diverse cultures and their tools and concepts. With these understandings, there is an attempt to adhere to an integrated and interactive form of work which approaches the diverse expressions and disciplines that form the reality in which we live as individual and society.

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