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Educational Coaching Certificate

In-Person and Online

Teachers, how about becoming Educational Coaches and learning to do classroom management and creating appropriate teaching materials for your students' behavioral profiles and leveraging learning? And also you, who want to leverage your resume and work in an area where the demand is growing and professionals are scarce! Come and participate in my education in Educational Analyst Coach Certification.

International Certificate issued by Line Coaching and accredited by the International Alliance of Coaching & Training.

After graduating, have the opportunity to join my team and work directly with me, or open your own Coach clinic and become a successful professional in the market, or become a differentiated and much more assertive teacher.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to get ahead in the market.


Behavioral Analysis Training for Youth and Parents

Offered online in partnership with Line Coaching

Enriching our portfolio, we also offer the Behavioral Analysis for Young People (Findline Student), self-knowledge tool directed to the students themselves; and Findline Family Training, aimed at parents who want to improve family relationships and corroborate in the education of their children.

Meditation by the Sea

Practical Training in Mindfulness

Developing and applying spiritual intelligence in personal and professional life

The practice of Mindfulness, or Insight Meditation, aims to bring focus and awareness to the present moment, teaching us to live here and now. It is in this state of full presence that we develop extra-ordinary abilities, such as the creation of reality and self-healing, and extrasensory abilities such as intuition.  Mindfulness has been a constant object of study by the medical and psychological sciences throughout the world and several scientific researches prove among other benefits the reduction of stress. This program is intended for all those who want to dominate their mind, live in the present and enjoy the many benefits of the practice. It can also be applied to the business environment where we focus specifically on stress reduction and smart decision making. I use all the knowledge I have gained over the years in courses, retreats, practices and experiences with Californian Spirit Rock - Mindfulness Center's instructors.


In-company Speeches

Book a speech in your company, city or event on topics related to human and organizational development and transdisciplinarity! Suggested topics:

  • Crisis Management

  • Procrastination and Self-sabotage

  • Career orientation

  • Socioemotional Skills of the Future

  • Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence and Coefficient of Happiness

  • Applied Mindufulness

  • Sustainable and regenerative habits

  • Triune Brain and the Heart

  • Brain Training

  • Quantum physics applied to work

  • High performance

  • Self-knowledge and temperament

  • Diagnosis and Social Intervention

  • Relationship and Intercultural Negotiation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Inclusion and Diversity

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Online and In-person courses and lectures around the world, Portuguese and English.

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